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Alien Interceptor Paintball Gun

Alien Interceptor Paintball Gun

Alien innovation continues in the world of double-stacked electro pneumatic markers. Our patent pending ?Structurally Independent Ram Housing? yields a smaller, lighter, tighter design.

Interceptor is also the easiest marker to tech and trouble shoot. Disassembled into the three main pieces: the receiver body, the Structurally Independent Ram Housing? and the trigger frame you can still turn on the air and power it up! The ram and hammer still operate ? watch out it will jump a bit. The pin valve is visible, as is the airline from the LPR to the ram. Those slow unknown leaks are not possible with the Interceptor Paintball Gun. Long torturous airways milled into the body that get clogged are gone because the solenoid attaches directly to the ram housing. Interceptor eliminates the need for multiple hoses. Hoses that can get blown off, cut or crimped.

The Sweet Tough Trigger frame wraps around the solenoid and ram housing perfectly. The WAS powered board fits easily the grip. A grip that feels great to all size hands. Narrow for the smaller hands, open trigger guard for bigger hands and made for easy firing whither you?ve got to make that one shot count or if you?re laying down a rope of balls.

Additionally our Patent Pending ?Sweep Valve and Sweep Bolt? adds a highly effective flow of air to deliver your shot ball on ball time after time. Low pressure and extremely consistent the set and forget regs let you play instead of fuss with your marker.

A notably trim, narrow and light design, the Interceptor is accurate, consistent and very fast. A winning marker to bring out the winner in you, because ?Winning is more fun!?